Friday, July 8, 2011

A change of scenery

Having lived my entire life on coastal shores and marsh tidal basins you can imagine my reluctance with the prospects of vacationing in the 'great white north.' Okay, perhaps that is a tad melodramatic since it is summer after all; but we are referring to Northern Michigan and let's face it, it is not the subtropical ecosystem of Hilton Head Island. But I do have some sense of adventure and this is a family vacation so off we went even if it meant packing our suitcases for all four seasons!
The view from the family home towards Lake Huron
 We ventured out and explored some of the lush forests enjoying the various trees and plants not seen in the salt water estuaries of Hilton Head and surrounding areas.
 Along the Au Sable River in Oscoda, MI
We visited various points along the Lake Huron National Forest which allowed us to see many unique sights to this area. I was amazed at the strong smell of the cedar trees and spruce pines - truly Christmas in July!!! 
Au Sable River

The best part of our excursion was the trip to Iargo Springs in Lake Huron National Forest. A well kept secret that was well worth the trip down the 40 or so flights of steps. The natural springs emerge from the earth cold and pure and are amazing to see. I even scooped the clean, crisp water and drank the fresh water - better than anything I have ever tasted! 
 The natural springs
The "cherry-on-top" was reaching the bottom and catching a brude of geese out on the water, a mother and her four goslings and the incredibly still water. I was able to take some creative shots and play with my camera a bit.
  Mother Canadian Goose & her Goslings

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